Aristotle, Meteorologica

LCL 397: xxx-xxxi

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A fuller bibliography, concerned primarily with more recent publications, will be found in Fobes pp. xlii–xliii. To it may be added:

D’Arcy Thompson, “The Greek Winds,” Classical Review, xxxii (1918), pp. 49–56.

D. E. Eichholz, “Aristotle’s Theory of the Formation of Metals and Minerals,” Classical Quarterly, xliii (July-October, 1949), p. 141.

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Sir T. L. Heath, Aristarchus of Samos: a History of Greek Astronomy to Aristarchus, Oxford, 1913.

Sir W. Napier Shaw, Manual of Meteorology, vol. i: Meteorology in History, Cambridge, 1932.

Of the older commentators, who fall outside the scope of Fobes’ bibliography, the most noteworthy (apart from Ideler) is:

F. Vicomercatus, In quatuor libros Aristotelis meteorologicorum Commentarii, Paris, 1556, and Venice, 1565.

To these should be added:

Ingemar Düring, Aristotles’s Chemical Treatise Meteorologica Book IV, Göteborg, 1944, which did not come into my hands until this book was in proof. Düing’s chief object is to prove Meteorologica IV to be “a genuine work from the hand of Aristotle by a thorough-going comparison of the contents and the language of this treatise with the treatises of undisputed Aristotelian origin” (p. 20). His arguments supplement those given in my Introduction.

THE TRADITIONAL ORDER of the works of Aristotle as they appear since the edition of Immanuel Bekker (Berlin, 1831), and their division into volumes in this edition.
I.The Categories (Κατηγορίαι) . .1–15
On Interpretation (Περὶ ἑρμηνείας) .16–24
Prior Analytics, Books I–II (Ἀναλυτικὰ πρότερα) . . . . .24–70
II.Posterior Analytics, Books I–II (Ἀναλυτικὰ ὕστερα). . . .71–100
Topica, Books I–VIII (Τοπικά) . .100–164
III.On Sophistical Refutations (Περὶ σοφιστικῶν ἐλέγχων) . . . .164–184
(The foregoing corpus of six logical treatises is known also as the Organon).
(For pages 184–313 see volumes IV–VI.)
On Coming-to-be and Passing-away (Περὶ γενέσεως καὶ φθορᾶς) . .314–338
On the Cosmos (Περὶ κόσμου) . .391–401
IV.Physics, Books I–IV (Φυσική) . .184–224
V.Physics, Books V–VIII (Φυσική) .224–267
VI.On the Heavens, Books I–IV (Περὶ οὐρανοῦ) . . . . . .268–313
(For pages 314–338 see volume III.)
VII.Meteorologica, Books I–IV (Μετεωρολογικά) . . . . . .338–390
(For pages 391–401 see volume III.)