Aristotle, Meteorologica

LCL 397: vi-vii

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Preface to Second Edition

The present edition is reprinted without change from that of 1952. There is however one publication, which has appeared since that date, to which reference should be made, Dr. Gottschalk’s paper in C.Q. N.S. xi (May 1961) on the authorship of Book IV. G. agrees that the view that the book is the work of Strato is untenable, and that the “broad outlook of this book is not so very different from Aristotle’s.” But he thinks that it contains un-Aristotelian elements, notably the doctrine of πόροι, of which he would not accept the interpretation suggested on p. xviii of my Introduction. This and other features of the book are, he argues, more characteristic of Theophrastus, and his conclusion is that it is “a thorough revision of an Aristotelian work by a pupil of Theophrastus.” Chapters 8–9 in particular he thinks are by “Theophrastus entirely,” pointing out, quite rightly, that they break awkwardly into the sequence of thought in the book. It should also be noted that all the references to πόροι (apart from one at 381 b 1, where a non-technical meaning gives perfectly good sense) are in these chapters; and G. may well be right to regard them as un-Aristotelian. The case for so regarding the rest of the book is perhaps less strong; G. himself considers it basically Aristotelian, and the question at issue is to how much revision, if any, it has been subjected and by whom.

winchester college September 1961

H. D. P. L.