Diodorus Siculus, Library of History, Volume IX

LCL 377: vi-vii

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The Sources of Books 18–20

The chief source of Diodorus in Books 18 through 20, except for the material dealing with Italy and Sicily, is the history of Hieronymus of Gardia, a friend and fellow countryman of Eumenes, and after Eumenes’ death the companion of Antigonus, Demetrius, and Gonatas. Save for a few fragments (FGrH, No. 154) the work of Hieronymus is lost, but certain of these fragments (e.g., the description of the funeral car of Alexander, frag. 2) can be brought into direct relation with Diodorus. It is a safe assumption that he centred his history about the careers of the leaders whom he successively served; and, following him, Diodorus makes his narrative revolve about Eumenes, Antigonus, and Demetrius. Hieronymus was with Eumenes throughout the campaigns that followed the death of Alexander, took refuge with him on Nora, and was wounded in the final battle at Gabenê. In the accounts of the duel between Eumenes and Neoptolemus (Book 18. 31), the sufferings on Nora (chap. 42), and Eumenes’ devices for retaining the support of his generals (Book 19. 15, 23, 24) Diodorus presents vivid details that must come from an eyewitness; and in Antigonus’ statement of his reasons for unwillingly ordering the death of Eumenes (Book