Demosthenes, Orations, Volume VII

LCL 374: viii-ix

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The editions of Demosthenes in the Teubner and Oxford series.

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The Orations of Demosthenes

The numbers of the Orations are those used in Blass’s text and generally followed by editors.

OrationTitleL.C.L. Volume
I. Olynthiac II
II. Olynthiac III
III.Olynthiac IIII
IV.Philippic II
V.On the PeaceI
VI.Philippic III
VII.On HalonnesusI
VIII.On the ChersoneseI
IX.Philippic III I
X.Philippic IVI
XI.Answer to Philip’s LetterI
XII.Philip’s LetterI
XIII.On OrganizationI
XIV.On the Navy-boardsI
XV.For the Liberty of the RhodiansI
XVI.For the People of MegalopolisI