his hands all that substantially survives of Philo in the original Greek.

The text of the first three treatises was edited by Cohn himself. Here his work both in the text itself and in the subsequent discussion of points in Hermes, 1916, ended, and the rest of his volume six, i.e. the Flaccus and Legatio, was edited by Reiter. I have as in previous volumes taken their text for my base, but, largely because I felt that I was moving in a less familiar region, I have adhered to it more closely and confined my suggested corrections almost entirely to the footnotes instead of substituting them in the text, even in cases such as that of p. 52 where I feel fairly confident of the correction proposed. In the two Eusebian items I have taken for my base what seemed to be the most authoritative, i.e. the text of the Editio Minor for the Hypothetica and the latest edition (Gifford’s) for the De Prov., but compared them with other editions and noted the alternatives. These alternatives I have occasionally adopted, and as the notes both at the foot and in the Appendix will show, there are other cases where further reflection makes me think that the alternatives are superior. But at any rate so long as the alternatives are clearly indicated it matters little whether they appear in the notes or in the body of the text.

F. H. C.


March 1941



List of Philo’s Works Showing Their Division into Volumes in this Edition
I.On the Creation (De Opificio Mundi)
Allegorical Interpretation (Legum Allegoriae)
II.On the Cherubim (De Cherubim)
On the Sacrifices of Abel and Cain (De Sacrificiis Abelis et Caini)
The Worse attacks the Better (Quod Deterius Potiori insidiari solet)
On the Posterity and Exile of Cain (De Posteritate Caini)
III.On the Unchangeableness of God (Quod Deus immutabilis sit)
On Husbandry (De Agricultura)
On Noah’s Work as a Planter (De Plantatione)
On Drunkenness (De Ebrietate)
On Sobriety (De Sobrietate)
IV.On the Confusion of Tongues (De Confusione Linguarum)
On the Migration of Abraham (De Migratione Abrahami)
Who is the Heir (Quis Rerum Divinarum Heres)
On the Preliminary Studies (De Congressu quaerendae Eruditionis gratia)
V.On Flight and Finding (De Fuga et Inventione)
On the Change of Names (De Mutatione Nominum)
On Dreams (De Somniis)
VI.On Abraham (De Abrahamo)
On Joseph (De Iosepho)
Moses (De Vita Mosis)