Cicero, On the Orator: Books 1-2

LCL 348: vi-vii

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Though his name does not appear on the title-page, any merit discoverable in the translation of De Oratore, Book I is largely due to my friend Mr. Charles Stuttaford, sometime of Amersham Hall School. Originally entrusted with the execution of both these volumes, he had done much preliminary work on the text and translation of Book I, when reasons of health compelled him to relinquish his task. I most gratefully acknowledge my heavy indebtedness to his labours.

E. W. S.

25th February 1939

The late Mr. E. W. Sutton left at his death only the ms. and proof of his translation of De Oratore, Book I, and three-quarters of Book II, at various stages of correction. I have completed the volume.

An index will be found in Volume Two, which contains De Oratore, Book III, De Fato, Paradoxa Stoicorum, and De Partitione Oratoria.

H. R.

January 1942