Celsus, On Medicine, Volume III

LCL 336: 650-651

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diagram: A B C D

Staphyloma removed by ligation.

A. Needle transfixes pedicle carrying two ligatures.
B. Two ligatures transfixing pedicle.
C. Ligatures separated to enclose each half of the pedicle.
D. Each ligature when tied grips half of the pedicle.
diagram: A cornea Post Cham Iris Ants cham Liqut Lens Cataractous Lens Capsule of Vitreous Selera Chorioid Retina Optic Nerve B Cataractous Lens rotated and depressed into the Virreous C a a b D E Catarad Couched.

Cataract Couched.

A. Paracentesis Needle, pointed, spear-ended, fixed in a cylindrical handle, which was pressed onwards whilst rotated by the thumb and finger.
B. Eyeball. Lens cataractous. Needle entered midway between the outer angle of the eyelid and the outer margin of the iris–until the point of the needle appeared in the pupil over the front of the Cataract.
C. Cataractous lens in the course of being “Couched.”
D. Diagram of the supposed “Locus Vacuus,” the posterior chamber a a filled with aqueous humour like the anterior chamber.
E. Infusion, Suffusion of opaque, diseased humour into the “Locus Vacuus”; b, supposed to be the Cataract which was depressed or broken up.