Translator’s Preface

At least two-thirds of this volume is the work of Professor Sage. At the time of his death he had prepared the text of Books XL–XLII complete, and had carried the translation through ch. xxi. of Book XLII. The General Editors and the new editor of this volume have not found it necessary to revise the text; in the translation, the latter part of which was a first draft, the phrasing has been at times altered, and a few additional notes to Book XLII supplied. Doctor Adalaide J. Wegner, colleague and collaborator of Professor Sage, has kindly supplied numerous notes, textual and factual, which were planned by Professor Sage but not incorporated in his draft of the whole. Beginning with ch. xxii. of Book XLII, the new editor has supplied the translation and its notes. He regrets his inability to furnish such a lucid introductory sketch as Professor Sage put at the beginning of his previous volumes. The maps, place-lists for which were compiled by the new editor, are intended to illustrate every geographical reference in the text which allows of graphic treatment; a list of peoples and places which cannot be located, except for the hints given by Livy, is offered with the maps. Kiepert’s Atlas antiquus has been used in