of the pages and partiallya in his numeration of chapters.

In Book III the headings and divisions need not trouble us, though I have indicated them in the textual notes. They are really quite useless, being introduced at haphazard and rarely applying to more than a few sections of the matter they might be expected to cover. Fortunately Mangey ignores them in the heading of his pages and Cohn also, as well as in his numeration of chapters, though both insert them in the body of the text. It surely cannot be supposed that they, or indeed any of these headings, are due to Philo himself.

Coh’s Numeration of Chapters—The Special Laws I.

The point at which each fresh numeration begins is indicated in the notes, but to facilitate reference a summary is here appended.

Cohn This Translation
De Circumcisione . . . I.II.I.–II.
De Monarchia . . .I.–IX.III.–XI.
De Templo and De Sacerdotibus . . . . . I.–XV.XII.–XXVI.
(In Mangey called De Monarchia II.)
De Sacerdotum honoribus . I.–VI.XXVII.–XXXII.
De Victimis. . . . I.–XV.XXXIII.–XLVII.
De Sacrificantibus. . . I.–XVI.XLVIII.–LXIII.
Numeration of Chapters —The Special Laws II.
CohnThis translation
The Third Commandment I.–IX.I.–IX.
(No special heading)
De Septenario . . . I.–XXIV.X.–XXXIII.
The Basket Rite . . I.–IV.XXXIV.–XXXVII.
(No special heading)
De parentibus colendis I–XIXXXVIII.–XLVIII.
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List of Philo’s Works Showing their Division into Volumes in this Edition
  • volume
  • I. On the Creation (De Opificio Mundi)
    • Allegorical Interpretation (Legum Allegoria)
  • II. On the Cherubim (De Cherubim)
    • On the Sacrifices of Abel and Cain (De Sacrificiis Abelis et Caini)
    • The Worse attacks the Better (Quod Deterius Potiori insidiari solet)
    • On the Posterity and Exile of Cain (De Posteritate Caini)
  • III. On the Unchangeableness of God (Quod Deus immutabilis sit)
    • On Husbandry (De Agricultura)
    • On Noah’s Work as a Planter (De Plantatione)
    • On Drunkenness (De Ebrietate)
    • On Sobriety (De Sobrietate)
  • IV. On the Confusion of Tongues (De Confusione Linguarum)
    • On the Migration of Abraham (De Migratione Abrahami)
    • Who is the Heir (Quis Rerum Divinarum Heres)
    • On the Preliminary Studies (De Congressu quaerendae Eruditionis gratia)
  • V. On Flight and Finding (De Fuga et Inventione)
    • On the Change of Names (De Mutatione Nominum)
    • On Dreams (De Somniis)
  • VI. On Abraham (De Abrahamo)
    • On Joseph (De Iosepho)
    • Moses (De Vita Mosis)