Livius Andronicus, Naevius, Pacuvius, Accius, Remains of Old Latin, Volume II: Livius Andronicus. Naevius. Pacuvius. Accius

LCL 314: xxx-xxxi

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Additional Note Early Roman tragedy and Roman politics
  • B. Biliński in ‘Accio ed i Gracchi’, Accad. Polacca di Sci. e Lett., Bibl. di Roma, Conferenze 3, 1958, and in Contrastanti ideali di cultura sulla scena di Pacuvio’, . . . Conferenze 16, 1962, argues that early Roman drama from Livius Andronicus to Accius had political aspects, and that Accius supported the ‘optimates’ against more ‘popular’ politicians.
  • Naevius. We now have also W. Strzelecki in Epos, LIII. 398; W. Richter in Nachr. d. Akad. der Wiss. in Göttingen, Phil. Hist.-Kl., 1960, 3, 41.