For this volume I would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following:

Evan Haley and Waldemar Heckel for matters relating to Spain and Macedonia, respectively, and Dexter Hoyos for those relating to Carthage. Chris Kelk was a great help in the construction of the index, and Reg Harris was, as ever, always available to guide me when I was faced with computer problems. For the textual notes both in volume X and in the present volume, I must express my deepest gratitude to John Briscoe, whose patience with my efforts in textual criticism I cannot praise highly enough.

Thanks are also due to Michael B. Sullivan and Cheryl Lincoln for correcting many of my errors in the course of the production process for this and the two previous volumes.

Finally, I must thank the editor of the series, Jeffrey Henderson, not only for inviting me to take on the Loeb Livy but also and above all for always being available to guide me when I have any sort of problem, which I am afraid I all too often do.

J. C. Y.