Supplementary List of Cases in Vols. I.–V., not Recorded in the Footnotes, Where the Text Printed is not Vouched for by Any Manuscript or Ancient Authority

The following list has been drawn up in order to carry out, though in a belated and not very convenient manner, the principle laid down in the preface to Vol. IV., viz. that the places in which the text printed has no ms. authority should be recorded. In that preface I stated that while no consistent attempt had been made to do this in the first two volumes, it was otherwise with Vols. III. and IV. The reviewer of Vol. III., to whose criticism I was replying, rejoined in his review of Vol. IV. that this statement was not quite borne out by the facts. I am grateful to him, for on re-examination of the footnotes to these two volumes, and also of those in Vol. V. which was already in type, I was forced to the conclusion that to a great extent he was right. Not only had a few, though I think very few, of the major emendations been unnoticed in the footnotes, but the fact that while so many minor examples were recorded several others not obviously less important were omitted might justly be said to be misleading.

I hope this catalogue is fairly complete. The only exceptions which I have deliberately made are that I take no notice of (1) mistakes in accents and breathings, (2) orthographical mistakes, using the word in a stricter sense than that which I gave it in the preface to Vol. IV., i.e. for cases where the scribe intends the same word as that which is printed but has spelt it otherwise, (3) changes in the order of words, (4) wrong division of words, in which the actual letters are correct, e.g. μὲν εἰ for μένει, (5) grammatical blunders such as ὅταν with an optative or εἰ with an infinitive.