Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History, Volume II

LCL 265: vi-vii

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The purpose of this preface is to express my warm thanks to Professor Oulton for relieving me of the heavy burden of an unnecessary task. I was just beginning the translation of Books VI to X of the Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius, which were to be the second volume in the Loeb Classical Library, when the complete translation of the whole was issued by Professors Lawlor and Oulton.

It was at once obvious that to attempt another version parallel to their excellent rendering would be an uncompensated waste of time; and I am most grateful to Professor Oulton for yielding to my urgent request that he take over the preparation of the second volume. His gracious assent has relieved me from much toil and will be a benefit to all who study Eusebius.


The Editors wish to express their sincere thanks to the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge for their kind permission to use the above translation, which is their copyright.