Aristotle, Physics, Volume II

LCL 255: viii-ix

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Aristotelian, but as never having been seen by Aristotle himself. He would have been content to relegate both Books to an appendix. Taking this low estimate of their value, he had not spent nearly so much labour on them as on the other two. I have therefore felt free to revise his version drastically. The interpretations of the obscurer passages are more frequently mine than his. The translation of Books VI. and VIII. was much more carefully finished, and I have held my hand accordingly, though, especially towards the end of VIII., I have partly rewritten some paragraphs and I have, of course, made minor corrections throughout.

In working on this volume I have had the advantage of consulting the very accurate version of R. P. Hardie and R. K. Gaye, which has shown me the way through many difficulties.

Miss R. Wicksteed has revised the proofs of the translation with the greatest care. Her knowledge of mathematics and her familiarity with her father’s views have enabled her to suggest improvements in many places, to add some notes (which are not distinguished from Dr. Wicksteed’s) on mathematical points, and to rewrite some of the arguments to the chapters. She has also prepared the Index. Our thanks are due to Professor Gilbert Murray, Mr. W. D. Ross, Mr. H. W. B. Joseph, and Professor Neville for advice on various points, and to Mr. Walter Lawrence for preparing the diagrams.

We also wish to thank the Editors of the Series for their patience with long delays.

F. M. Cornford

THE TRADITIONAL ORDER of the works of Aristotle as they appear since the edition of Immanuel Bekker (Berlin, 1831), and their division into volumes in this edition.
I.The Categories (Κατηγορίαι) . .1–15
On Interpretation (Περὶ ἑρμηνείας) .16–24
Prior Analytics, Books I–II (Ἀναλυτικὰ πρότερα) . . . . .24–70
II.Posterior Analytics, Books I–II (Ἀναλυτικὰ ὕστερα) . . . .71–100
Topica, Books I–VIII (Τοπικά) . .100–164
III.On Sophistical Refutations (Περὶ σοφιστικῶν ἐλέγχων) . . . .164–184
(The foregoing corpus of six logical treatises is known also as the Organon).
(For pages 184–313 see volumes IV–VI.)
On Coming-to-be and Passing-away (Περὶ γενέσεως καὶ φθορᾶς) . .314–338
On the Cosmos (Περὶ κόσμου) . .391–401
IV.Physics, Books I–IV (Φυσική) . .184–224
V.Physics, Books V–VIII (Φυσική) .224–267
VI.On the Heavens, Books I–IV (Περὶ οὐρανοῦ) . . . . . .268–313
(For pages 314–338 see volume III.)
VII.Meteorologica, Books I–IV (Μετεωρολογικά) . . . . . .338–390
(For pages 391–401 see volume III.)