Vitruvius, On Architecture, Volume I

LCL 251: xxxii-xxxiii

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Bibliography Manuscripts

The following MSS. have been used in constituting the text and in determining its history. Rose and Krohn agree in referring all the extant MSS. to H and G as representing an unknown original, and have intentionally neglected the later MSS., which they refer to one or other of these sources. I have carried their process one step further, by showing, as I think, that G is a recension of H. For E, G and S, I have availed myself of the collations of Rose and Krohn. The remaining fourteen MSS. I have collated myself, H, h and e2 minutelv. They confirm the derivation of the later MSS. from H and G.

H. London, British Museum, Harl. 27671 (8th cent.).

S. Selestad. Bibl. 1153 (10th cent.).

E. Wolfenbüttel, Bibl. 132 (10th cent.).

G. Wolfenbüttel, Bibl. 69 (11th cent.), with excerpts from I–III, V–X.

The following MSS. are derived from H: they are sometimes denoted generally as rec. (recentiores).

c. London, B.M., Cotton, Cleop. (10th cent.). The rubricator gives the author’s name as


Victruvius, which is found in the following four MSS.

  • h. London, B.M., Harl. 3859 (11th cent.).
  • i. Oxford, St. John’s Coll. 66 B (1316 a.d.).
  • e2. Escorial, II. 5 (15th cent.).
  • h2. London, B.M., Harl. 2760 (15th cent.).
  • p1. Paris, Bibl. Nat. 7227 (11th cent.).
  • e1 Escorial, III. 19 (11th or 12th cent.).
  • et. Eton College, MSS. 137 (15th cent.).
  • v1. Rome, Vatican Codd. Urbin. Lat. III. 1360 (15th cent.).
  • p3. Paris, Bibl. Nat. 7382 (15th cent.).
  • The following MSS. are derived through E and G:
  • p2. Paris, Bibl. Nat. 7228 (14th cent.).
  • o2. Oxford, Bodleian, F. v. 7 (15th cent.).
  • v2. Rome, Vatican Codd. Urbin. Lat. I. 293 (15th cent.).
  • Sulp.: ed. princeps. by Sulpitius, Rome, c. 1486, fol.
  • Joc.: Fra Giocondo, Florence, Junta, 1522, 8vo.
  • Phil.: Philander, Rome, 1544, 8vo.
  • Laet.: Laet, Amsterdam, 1649, fol.
  • Perr.: Perrault, Paris, 1673, fol.
  • Schn.: Schneider, Leipzig, 1807–8, 8vo.
  • Lor.: Lorentzen, Gotha (Books I–V), 1857, 8vo.
  • Rose: Rose, Leipzig, 1867 and 1899, 8vo.
  • Kr.: Krohn, Leipzig, 1912, 8vo.
  • Italian: Barbaro, Venice, 1567, 4to., illust.
  • French: Perrault, Paris, 1673, fol., illust. Choisy, Paris, 1909, illust.
  • German: Rivius, Nuremburg, 1548, fol., illust.