Vitruvius, On Architecture, Volume I

LCL 251: 322-323

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  • diaper pattern of diamond-shaped faces of stone or other material, 111
  • Ridge-piece, columen, κορυφαῖον, horizontal joist along ridge of roof
  • Riser, crassitudo, πάχος, upright part of step, 183
  • Rubble, caementum, λατύπη, rough walling, dry or cemented with mortar, 113
  • Sapwood, torulus, alburnum, τὰ πρὸς τὴν μήτραν, the soft outer layers of a tree-trunk, 133
  • Scamillus, or vern. scabillus, ὑποπόδιον, a step, 184
  • Scotia, τροχίλος, hollow moulding between the fillets of the tori of the base, 185
  • Set-square, norma, γνώμων, a right-angled triangle of wood, used in setting out drawings or buildings, 9
  • Settle, subsido, καθίζω, sinking down of buildings on foundations, 131
  • Shaft, scapus, σκᾶπος, the part of the column between the base and capital, 179
  • Sima = cyma, specially applied to top moulding of cornice, 195
  • Soffit, τὸ ὑπένερθε, the under-surface of a cornice, ceiling or arch, 221
  • Springing, supercilium, highest part of vertical wall, the starting-point of an arch, 285
  • Stalks, see coliculi
  • Stereobata, στερεοβάτης, the platform on which a building stands, 181
  • Stile, scapus, σκᾶπος, the upright pieces enclosing the panels of a door, 237
  • Stretcher, longitudo, παρὰ πλευράν, stone or brick with longer face on surface of wall, 115
  • Strut, capreolus, ὑπόθεμα, an upright wooden post supporting ridge-piece, 212
  • Stucco, opus tectorium, κονίαμα, a finely worked plaster, 95
  • Stylobata, στυλοβάτης, the continuous base on which a colonnade rests
  • Systylos, σύστυλος, with intercolumniations of two diameters, 171
  • Taenia, quadra, a narrow flat band or fillet, 221
  • Tenon, subscus, ἀσπιδίσκη, end of wood or metal, fitting into a mortice or socket, 240
  • Tetrastylos, τετράστυλος, with four columns in front, 173
  • Tholus, θόλος, a dome, 243
  • Torus, σπεῖρα, a rounded convex moulding, 185
  • Tread, retractatio, ἐπιπολή, the horizontal surface of a step, 183
  • Triglyphus, τρίγλυφος, vertical channelled ornaments in a Doric frieze, 223
  • Tuscan Order, tuscanicum genus, imitated from the Etruscans, 239
  • Tympanum, τύμπανον, the flat triangular surface enclosed by a pediment, 195; the pane of a door, 237
  • Upright joint, commissura, ἁρμός, the joint between two stones or brick in the same course, 113
  • Vanishing-point, centrum, κέντρον, the point to which retreating lines converge in perspective drawings, 27
  • Vault, concameratio, καμάρωμα, an arched ceiling; a chamber with arched ceiling, 305
  • Volute, voluta, ἕλιξ, spiral at the side of an Ionic capital, 189
  • Wattled, craticius, cf. γέρρον, walls of plaster held together by wicker-work, 129
  • Zophorus, ζωφόρος, frieze, middle part of entablature, 193

Illustration of the Dial of Winds

Diagram of the plan of town--showing relationship to the Dial of Winds