N Flor. Med. Laur. plut. 63.21 1150–1200
O Chicago, Newberry 164 1150–1200
Z Vat. Reg. Lat. 902 1300–1325

Except for A, corrections are indicated by “c” following the siglum for the manuscript. In the case of A, Ap, Av, and Az indicate a correction by, respectively, Petrarch, Av, Valla, and a third, unidentifiable, corrector; Ac indicates that the author of a correction is either Petrarch or Valla.

Σa reading of the Spirensian tradition
Σ?possibly a reading of the Spirensian tradition
dett.other manuscripts cited
ed. Rom.edn. Rome, 1469 or 1470

For full details of the works cited in the textual notes, see Briscoe’s OCT, xxx–xxxix.




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