Strabo, Geography, Volume IV

LCL 196: vi-vii

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List of the Books of the Geography of Strabo

Showing their place in the volumes of this edition and in the edition of Casaubon of 1620

I.I. Geography as part of Philosophy. Previous geographers. Homer. Eratosthenes.C. 1–67
II. Mathematical Geography. Eratosthenes. Posidonius. Form and size of the earth. Mapping the earth.C. 67–136
II.III. SpainC. 136–176
IV. Gaul, Britain, The Alps.C176–209
V. Italy to Campania.C. 209–251
III.VI. S. Italy, Sicily.C. 252–288
VII. N. and E. Europe, Central Europe.C. 289–329
Fragments—Thrace and Macedon in epitome only.C. 329–331
IV.VIII. Macedon and Greece.C. 332–389
IX. Athens, Boeotia, Thessaly.C. 390–444