Frontinus, Stratagems. Aqueducts of Rome

LCL 174: xxxiv-xxxv

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been mischievously doubled and tripled in places,1 words have been changed2 and lacunae filled in.

In the mathematical part of the work, the numbers are often quite obviously incorrect, although it is hard to tell whether the inaccuracies are to be attributed to the author, whose interests were not primarily in the field of mathematics, and who may have used approximate figures at times, or to the copyist, who did not understand the signs or who may have erred in the substitution of the names of the figures for their symbols.

The title of the work given in C is de aqueductu urbis Romae; that of the early editions, de acquaeductibus; for these infelicities Bücheler has substituted the title suggested by Heinrich, de aquis urbis Romae.

The division into two books is indicated in C and in the codex Urbinus. The numbers of the chapters were added by Poleni. For a new collation of C, cf. Petschenig, Wien. Stud. vi. (1884), p. 249. For a facsimile of the manuscript, cf. Clemens Herschel, The Two Books on the Water Supply of the City of Rome.


The editio princeps of the Strategemata was printed at Rome in 1487 by Eucharius Silber in the same book with Aelian, Vegetius and Modestus; this was reprinted in 1494 and 1497. In 1495 an edition appeared at Bologna containing the same works, and in the sixteenth century no fewer than ten editions were printed at Antwerp, Basel, Cologne, Leyden and Paris, in which Frontinus was either combined with Aelian, Vegetius and Modestus or was one of the authors represented in larger collections of examples of military achievements. In the seventeenth century six or seven editions appeared, including that of Tennulius (Leyden and Amsterdam, 1675), with notes and emendations, and that of Scriverius (Leyden, 1607), who was the first to unite the works of Frontinus in one volume. In his collection of treatises on military matters, which included the Strategemata, he incorporated also the De Aquis, De Re Agraria, De Limitibus and De Coloniis. He included also in this edition notes and comments of Stewechius and Modius. The edition of Keuchen (Amsterdam, 1661) also contains all these works; the Bipontine edition of 1788 and that of Dederich (Leipzig, 1855) contain the Strategemata and the De Aquis.

Oudendorp’s edition (Leyden, 1731 and 1779) included notes and emendations of Modius, Stewechius, Tennulius, Casaubon, Salmasius, Gronovius