Before his death in May 1921, Professor Bennett had finished the draft of his translation of the Strategemata and of his revision of Clemens Herschel’s translation of the De Aquis. He had also, through various footnotes, indicated clearly his attitude toward the texts he had adopted as the basis for his translation. For the editorial revision of the versions, the introductory material, the index, many of the footnotes and the general matters of typography, the responsibility should rest with the undersigned. The references to the sources of the Strategemata have been selected for the most part from those cited in Gundermann’s conspectus locorum.

The translation of the Strategemata is based upon Gundermann’s text, Leipzig, 1888, with very few changes, which are indicated in the footnotes. The brackets indicating glosses or conjectures have been omitted for the sake of appearance. Professor Bennett’s translation is the first English rendering of the Strategemata with any accuracy of interpretation, the only other English version, published in London in 1811 by Lieutenant Robert B. Scott, leaving much to be desired both in the matter of interpretation and the manner of expression. A French version, prepared under the direction of M. Nisard, is a careful piece of work, well annotated, and indicating knowledge of the sources as well as of the standard editions of the Strategemata.