Prefatory Note

In translating the speech Pro Archiaand the four Post Reditum I have based my text upon that of Klotz in the Teubner Edition (1866). In the Pro Plancio I have used Garatoni (Leipzig, 1824). I have occasionally adopted emendations of Sir W. Peterson in his Oxford Text, and have duly acknowledged such adoptions in the critical notes passim. I owe much to Reid’s edition of the Pro Archia, and to Holden’s of the Pro Plancio. Long’s edition of the speeches Post Reditum in the Bibliotheca Classica has been of occasional use.

The following mss. are referred to in the critical notes:—

P = Codex Parisinus 7794, 9th cent.

G = Cod. Bruxellensis (Gemblacensis), 12th cent.

H = Cod. Harleianus, 12th cent.

B = Cod. Bernensis, 12th to 13th cent.

Er. = Cod. Erlangensis, 1466.

Pet. refers to Peterson’s text in Script. Class. Bibl. Oxon.

✝ in the text denotes that the mss. are untranslatable; in the translation that a rendering is doubtful.

Dates are b.c. except where otherwise stated.