Preface to Second Edition

This book was partly revised by the translator, and the revision was completed by the Editors after his death.

A second appendix has been added giving a list of passages quoted by Cicero in this work from early Latin writers which have been translated in Remains of Old Latin, by E. H. Warmington, published in the Loeb Classical Library (four volumes).

July, 1943

List Of Cicero’s Works Showing Arrangement In This Edition Rhetorical Treatises. 5 Volumes


I.[Cicero], Rhetorica ad Herennium
II.De Inventione. De Optimo Genere Oratorum. Topica
III.De Oratore, Books I–II
IV.De Oratore, Book III. De Fato. Paradoxa Stoicorum. De Partitione Oratoria
V.Brutus. Orator
Orations. 10 Volumes
VI.Pro Quinctio. Pro Roscio Amerino. Pro Roscio Comoedo. De Lege Agraria Contra Rullum
VII.The Verrine Orations I: In Q. Caecilium. In C. Verrem Actio I. In C. Verrem Actio II, Books I–II
VIII.The Verrine Orations II: In C. Verrem Actio II, Books III–V