Epictetus, Discourses, Books 1-2

LCL 131: xxxviii-xxxix

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S = Cod. Bodleianus Misc. Graec. 251, s. xi/xii.

Sa, Sb, Sc, Sd = corrections of different periods, as discriminated by Schenkl.

s = one or more copies of S.

In general only the important deviations from S have been recorded in the apparatus criticus. All substantial emendations, when made by modern scholars, are recorded, but the obvious corrections made by Greek scholars themselves, either on S itself or in its numerous copies, have generally been passed over in silence, since the number of these is so large (for S is full of errors of all kinds) that they would seriously clutter up the page without adding anything important to our knowledge. For details of the MS. tradition the reader is referred to the elaborate apparatus in Schenkl’s second ed. (Leipzig, 1916), upon which the present text is dependent, although I have not hesitated to depart from his reading or his punctuation in a number of passages.

W. A. Oldfather

Urbana, Illinois

March 6, 1925