b Its corrections
G The later part of Bambergensis M.4.14
N Parisinus lat. 18527
J Cantabrigiensis Ioannensis 91
E Parisinus lat. 14146 (Breviarium of Stephen of Rouen)
D Parisinus lat. 7719
K Parisinus lat. 7720 (corrected by Petrarch)
H Harleianus 2664
T Turicensis 288 (corrected (= t) by Ekkehard IV of St. Gall, c. 1050)
X Parisinus lat. 7696
Y Parisinus lat. 7231
recc. One or more of the later MSS listed in Winterbottom (1970), v–vii
edd. One or more of the editions listed under (a) in the Bibliography in Volume I
Regius R. Regius, in ed. Ven. 1493, or in Ducenta problemata in totidem Institutionis Oratoriae Quintiliani depravationes (1492)
D.A.R. Suggestions by the present editor M.W. Suggestions made in discussion with the editor by M. Winterbottom. See also More Problems in Quintilian, BICS 44 (2000) 167–177.