Plato, Theaetetus. Sophist

LCL 123: vi-vii

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The Greek text in this volume is based upon the Codex Clarkianus and the Codex Venetus. Deviations from the readings of these manuscripts are noted in the margin at the foot of the page. In most instances disagreement between these two manuscripts, and occasionally readings found in inferior manuscripts or in ancient quotations, as well as emendations offered by modern scholars, are noted, even when they have not affected the text chosen. The following abbreviations are employed:

  • B = Codex Clarkianus or Bodleianus, written a.d. 895.
  • T = Codex Venetus, Append. class. 4, cod. 1; twelfth century.
  • W = Codex Vindobonensis 54, Suppl. graec. 7.
  • D = Codex Venetus 185.
  • G = Codex Venetus, Append, class 4, cod. 54.
  • b t w = later hands of B T W.

The brief introductions aim merely at supplying such information as may aid the reader to appreciate these particular dialogues.

Harold N. Fowler