Fronto, Correspondence, Volume I

LCL 112: lii-liii

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Bibliographical Addendum (1982)

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Chronological Table
a.d. 100 (or a year or two earlier). M. Cornelius Fronto, born at Cirta.
Circa 103 end of Aug. Domitia Lucilla, mother of Marcus, the daughter of P. Calvisius Tullus, born.
117. Accession of Hadrian on August 11.
Circa 120. Marriage of Lucilla to Annius Verus.
121, 26th April. Birth of M. Annius Verus (Marcus Aurelius) in the Horti Vectiliani on Mount Caelius.
Circa 123 Cornificia, the sister of Marcus, born.
127. Marcus enrolled among the Knights.
129. Marcus made Salic priest.
130, 13 Dec. Birth of L. Ceionius Commodus (Lucius Verus).
133. Marcus professes Stoicism.
135. Marcus assumes the toga virilis. Death of his father, M. Annius Verus, aged about 45.
136. Marcus made praefectus feriis. Contracted to Faustina.
138. M. Annius Verus and L. Catilius Severus, grandfathers of Marcus, died.
25 Feb. Antoninus Pius (T. Aurelius Boionius Arrius Fulvus Antoninus, born 19 Sept. 86), chosen as Hadrian’s successor, on condition of adopting M. Aurelius and Lucius Verus as his successors.
10 July. Death of Hadrian.
5 Dec. Marcus quaestor.
139. Marcus sevir turmae, member of all the Sacred Colleges, xv vir de sacris faciundis and vii vir Epulonum.
Fronto appointed tutor to Marcus.
Marcus made Caesar.