Of Thucydidean manuscripts the following are, according to Hude, the most important:—

  • A Cisalpinus sive Italus, now in Paris (suppl. Gr. 255), parchment, 11th or 12th century.
  • B Vaticanus, Vatican Library at Rome (126), parchment, 11th century.
  • C Laurentianus, Laurentian Library at Florence (69, 2), parchment,11th century.
  • E Palatinus, Library at Heidelberg (252), parchment, 11th century.
  • F Augustanus, Library at Munich (430), parchment, 11th century.
  • G Monacensis, Library at Munich (228), paper,13th century.
  • M Britannicus, British Museum (11727), parchment, 11th century.

No one of these manuscripts is of such age or excellence as to deserve preference before all others; but of the two families which may be distinguished, Laurentianus leads the one, namely, C and G, Vaticanus the other, namely, A B E F. Britannicus holds a sort of middle ground between the two. Hude’s preference is for Laurentianus; Classen’s, following Bekker, for Vaticanus. From vi. xciv on Vaticanus has a special value as coming perhaps from a different copy.

Complete Editions

Aldus: Editio Princeps, Venice, 1502, folio; scholia 1503.

Stephanus: Paris, 1564, folio; with scholia and Valla’s Latin version made in 1452. The second edition (1588) is the source of the Vulgate.

  • I. Bekker: Oxford, 1821, 4 vols., with scholia and Duker’s Latin version. Also Ed. ster. altera, Berlin, 1832 (’46, ’68).