Homer, Odyssey, Volume I

LCL 104: 6-7

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This bibliography includes basic texts, commentaries, and works of reference together with a brief selection of studies and interpretations in English which represent a variety of approaches to the Homeric poems. Works that deal solely or principally with the Iliad have been excluded.

Critical Texts
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Editions and Commentaries
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(The preceding three volumes constitute an English version of the six-volume Italian edition sponsored by the Fondazione Lorenzo Valla 1981–1986, which included a critical text and an Italian translation by G. Aurelio Privitera.)

  • R. B. Rutherford: Homer: Odyssey Books XIX and XX, Cambridge 1992.
  • A. F. Garvie: Homer: Odyssey Books VI–VIII, Cambridge 1994.
Recent Translations

(1) Verse

  • Robert Fitzgerald, Homer: The Odyssey, New York 1961 (with commentary: Ralph Hexter, A Guide to the Odyssey, New York 1993).
  • Richmond Lattimore, The Odyssey of Homer, New York 1965.
  • Albert Cook, Homer: The Odyssey, New York 1967, repr. 1993 (with a selection of essays).
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