Plutarch, Lives, Volume IX

LCL 101: vi-vii

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Prefatory Note

As in the preceding volumes of this series, agreement between the Sintenis (Teubner, 1873–1875) and Bekker (Tauchnitz, 1855–1857) editions of the Parallel Lives has been taken as the basis for the text. Any preference of one to the other, and any important deviation from both, have been indicated. An abridged account of the manuscripts of Plutarch may be found in the Introduction to the first volume. Of the Lives presented in this volume, the last part of the Antony (from chapter lxxvii.), and the Pyrrhus and Marius are contained in the Codex Sangermanensis (Sg), but none in the Codex Seitenstettensis (S). These are the two oldest and most authoritative manuscripts. The readings of the excellent Paris manuscript No. 1676 (Fa) are not accessible for any of them. No attempt has been made, naturally, to furnish either a diplomatic text or a full critical apparatus. For these, the reader must be referred to the major edition of Sintenis (Leipzig, 1839–1846, 4 voll., 8vo), or to the new text of the Lives by Lindskog and Ziegler, in the Teubner Library of Greek and Latin texts (now