Pausanias, Description of Greece, Volume I

LCL 93: vi-vii

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Bibliographical Addendum (1992)


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The present work was originally intended to be a plain translation of the text of Spiro. After a time I was requested by the Editors of the Loeb series to add a few notes, dates, maps, etc., so that the Tour might be more intelligible to English readers. Fully aware of the difficulties and dangers of the plan, I have nevertheless tried my best to choose from a vast quantity of material just those scraps of information which an English reader would need most. A few of the notes are printed at the side and foot of the page in the four volumes containing the text and translation of the ten books; most of them, together with the maps and plans, are reserved with the Index for a fifth volume, which it is hoped to make a “companion” to Pausanias.

The transliteration of Greek names has been a matter of difficulty. The only way to avoid inconsistencies is to transliterate letter for letter without attempting either to Latinize or to Anglicize. To follow the rules adopted in the Loeb series without occasional inconsistencies is impossible, especially as the number of names given by Pausanias is so vast;