Xenophon, Hellenica, Volume I

LCL 88: xii-xiii

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Manuscripts and Editions 1.—Manuscripts

Among the numerous MSS. of the Hellenica six are generally recognized as of superior excellence, and are ranked in the following order:—

  • B. Parisinus 1738, in the National Library at Paris, dating from the beginning of the fourteenth century.
  • M. Ambrosianus A 4, at Milan, dated 1344.
  • D. Parisinus 1642, in the National Library at Paris, of the fifteenth century.
  • V. Marcianus .368, in the Library of St. Mark at Venice, written in the fourteenth or fifteenth century.
  • C. Parisinus 2080, in the National Library at Paris, dating from the beginning of the fifteenth century.
  • F. Perizonianus 6, in the Library of the University of Leyden, dated 1456.

A recently discovered papyrus fragment, now in the Imperial Library at Vienna and assigned to the third century a.d., has been found valuable in confirming the readings of the best MS., B, and in preserving correct spellings where the MSS. are in error. It includes portions of the first book, and is designated Π.

2.—Principal Editions (a) Complete Works of Xenophon.
  • Junta: Florence, 1516. Editio Princeps. By E. Boninus. Junta: Florence, 1527. Second edition, per Haeredes P. Juntae.
  • Aldus: Venice, 1525. By F. Asulanus.
  • Stbphanus, H.: Geneva, 1561, 2 vols.
  • Stephanus, H.: Geneva, 1581. Second edition.
  • Leunclavius, J.: Frankfort, 1594, 2 vols.