Plutarch, Lives, Volume IV

LCL 80: vi-vii

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Prefatory Note

As in the preceding volumes of this series, agreement between the Sintenis (Teubner, 1873–1875) and Bekker (Tauchnitz, 1855–1857) texts of the Parallel Lives has been taken as the basis for the text. Any preference of one to the other where they differ, and any departure from both, have been indicated. None of the Lives presented in this volume is contained in the Codex Seitenstettensis (S), the relative value of which is explained in the Introduction to the first volume. A few superior readings have been adopted from the Codex Matritensis (Ma), on the authority of the collations of Charles Graux, as published in Bursians Jahresbericht (1884). No attempt has been made, naturally, to furnish either a diplomatic text or a full critical apparatus. The reading which follows the colon in the critical notes is that of the Teubner Sintenis, and also, unless otherwise stated in the note, of the Tauchnitz Bekker.

Some use has been made of the edition of the


Sulla by the Rev. Hubert A. Holden, Cambridge, Pitt Press Series, 1886.

The translation of the Alcibiades has already appeared in my “Plutarch’s Nicias and Alcibiades” (New York, 1912), and is reproduced here (with only slight changes) by the generous consent of the publishers, the Messrs. Charles Scribner’s Sons. The translations of the Coriolanus, Lysander, and Sulla appear here for the first time. All the standard translations of the Lives have been carefully compared and utilized, including that of the Sulla by Professor Long.


New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.

April, 1916.