Caesar, The Gallic War

LCL 72: vi-vii

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  • Maps and Plans
    • battle against the helvetii 623
    • battle of the aisne 624
    • battle of the sambre 625
    • bridge over the rhine 626–27
    • plan of gergovia 628
    • plan of alesia 629
    • siege appliances 630–31
    • gaul and campaign map follow 632


Outline of Caesar’s Life
100.Born on 12 July—the month subsequently called after him. Son of C. Julius Caesar and Aurelia.
86.Elected flamen dialis through his uncle, C. Marius
84.Married (1) L. Cinna’s daughter, Cornelia.
80.Won the “civic crown” of oak-leaves for saving a Roman’s life at the storming of Mitylene.
78.Prosecuted Cn. Dolabella for extortion.
76.Captured by pirates. Elected tribunus militum.
74.Raised a company of volunteers at Rhodes, and held Caria against Mithradates.
68.Quaestor: sent to Spain to settle the finances of the country.
67.Married (2) Pompeia, Pompey’s cousin. Helped to carry Lex Gabinia, giving Pompey command against the Mediterranean pirates.
66.Supported Lex Manilia, giving Pompey command against Mithradates.
65.Aedile: gave public games with great splendour.