Galen, On the Natural Faculties

LCL 71: vi-vii

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The text used is (with a few unimportant modifications) that of Kühn (Vol. II), as edited by Georg Helmreich; Teubner, Leipzig, 1893. The numbers of the pages of Kühn’s edition are printed at the side of the Greek text, a parallel mark (||) in the line indicating the exact point of division between Kühn’s pages.

Words in the English text which are enclosed in square brackets are supplementary or explanatory; practically all explanations, however, are relegated to the footnotes or introduction. In the footnotes, also, attention is drawn to words which are of particular philological interest from the point of view of modern medicine.

I have made the translation directly from the Greek; where passages of special difficulty occurred, I have been able to compare my own version with Linacre’s Latin translation (1523) and the French rendering of Charles Daremberg (1854–56); in this respect I am also peculiarly fortunate in having had the help of Mr. A. W. Pickard Cambridge of Balliol College, Oxford, who most kindly went through the