The edition of Virgil by H. Rushton Fairclough which this Revised Edition now replaces was first published in 1916 (Eclogues, Georgics, Aeneid I-VI) and 1918 (Aeneid VII-XII, Minor Poems). Subsequently, after numerous reprints and, particularly, after the bimillenary editions of Sabbatini and Mackail, it became clear that much revision was desirable, and substantial corrections and alterations were made to each volume, in 1932 and 1934 respectively; but in order to minimize change to the printed page, most of the new material was added in the form of appendices. Now, over sixty years later, a necessary resetting of the type affords the opportunity for a thorough and untrammelled revision of the whole work, essential material in the appendices being subsumed at the appropriate places.

The text of Virgil has remained fairly uniform for centuries, but even today far too many false readings are current. It is regrettable that so many editors fail to give the correct form of the second line of the Aeneid, for example. I have ventured to make many textual changes from Fair-clough, but these less from my own convictions than in the promptings of the best scholarship.

It being out of the question to give a complete apparatus criticus (which would prove a hindrance rather than a help to the Loeb reader), I have limited myself to recording