Much new material has been published on Seneca’s tragedies since the appearance of the first edition. It therefore seems timely, dum sinit aetas, to provide a revision. I have updated the bibliographies and adjusted the Latin text at a few points; I have also taken the opportunity to further polish the translation throughout, especially in the choral odes. The Repertorium der Konjekturen published by Billerbeck and Somazzi has enabled me to correct the attribution of several conjectures.

For many turns of translation that could not be improved, I am indebted to Frank Justus Miller, my predecessor as Loeb translator, and to others, including Frederick Ahl, A. J. Boyle, Elaine Fantham, H. M. Hine, Douglass Parker, and E. F. Watling. In perplexities I have been helped by the commentaries now available on individual plays, above all those of R. J. Tarrant (Agamemnon, Thyestes). My thanks are due to my University of Victoria colleague C. J. Littlewood for commenting on my draft translations of Trojan Women and Thyestes, and to Marcus Wilson for