Plautus, Casina. The Casket Comedy. Curculio. Epidicus. The Two Menaechmuses

LCL 61:

The rollicking comedies of Plautus, who brilliantly adapted Greek plays for Roman audiences c. 205–184 BCE, are the earliest Latin works to survive complete and are cornerstones of the European theatrical tradition from Shakespeare and Molière to modern times. This second volume of a new Loeb edition of all twenty-one of Plautus’s extant comedies presents Casina, Cistellaria, Curculio, Epidicus, and Menaechmi with freshly edited texts, lively modern translations, introductions, and ample explanatory notes.

Bibiliographic reference

Plautus. Casina. The Casket Comedy. Curculio. Epidicus. The Two Menaechmuses. Edited and translated by Wolfgang de Melo. Loeb Classical Library 61. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2011.