Pindar, Olympian Odes. Pythian Odes

LCL 56: vi-vii

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My aim has been to produce a readable, clear translation that reflects the grammar of the original Greek, while following the lineation of the Greek text as closely as normal English word order allows. When enjambment of a word is natural to the English, I have imitated the Greek by preserving it; when not, I have maintained the Greek grammatical structure. In the present edition Greek proper names appear in their common Latinized spellings.

This edition does not provide the alternate verse numbering of Heyne’s edition, whose sole purpose is to facilitate reference to the scholia. It also is very sparing in its citation of secondary literature for two reasons: such references quickly become outdated and students of Pindar are fortunate to have an excellent historical survey of Pindaric scholarship by D. C. Young and annotated bibliographies by D. E. Gerber and others.

I have greatly profited from the generous help of four outstanding Pindarists: Christopher Carey, Douglas Gerber, Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones, and Andrew Miller, none of whom can be held accountable for my inevitable slips. In addition, Margaretta Fulton, George Goold, Robert Rust, and Jeffrey Rusten have been of great assistance. On points of detail I also wish to thank Bruce Braswell, Adolph