Plutarch, Lives, Volume II

LCL 47: vi-vii

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Prefatory Note

As in the first volume of this series, agreement between the Sintenis (Teubner, 1873–875) and Bekker (Tauchnitz, 1855–1857) texts of the Parallel Lives has been taken as the basis for the text. Any preference of one to the other where they differ, and any departure from both, have been indicated. The more important ameliorations of the text which have been secured by collations of Codex Parisinus 1676 (Fa) and Codex Seitenstettensis (S), have been introduced. The relative importance of these MSS. is explained in the Introduction to the first volume. No attempt has been made, naturally, to furnish either a diplomatic text or a full critical apparatus. The reading which follows the colon in the critical notes is that of the Teubner Sintenis, and also, unless otherwise stated in the note, of the Tauchnitz Bekker.

Among editions of special Lives included in this volume should be noted that of Fuhr, Themistokles und Perikles, Berlin, 1880, in the Haupt-Sauppe