I did not originally intend to write a Preface to Volume 2 of the Loeb Confessions, having, so I thought, said all the thanks that needed saying in the Preface to Volume 1. Since I finished work on the Latin text and the English translation for Volume 2, however, events have conspired to force a rethink. At the end of 2014 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, the equally aggressive treatments for which not only made it difficult to complete the writing of the Introduction but also made it uncertain whether I would live long enough to see the work in print. Quae cum ita sint, let this second Preface stand as a mark of my gratitude to the people whose love and support have helped to get me through this past year, and to keep my mortality in a broader and happier perspective: my husband and children—Graham, Lizzie, and Jonny; my wider family, especially John and Janice; my friends and colleagues not only at Caius but across the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and in the worldwide catholic Church; and all who have thought of me, prayed for me, and taken care of me (the most impatient of patients) during my illness. And let it also stand as an acknowledgment of the great debt I owe to Augustine—whose honesty and integrity, artistry, and depth penetrated even the