Propertius, Elegies

LCL 18: 26-27

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[Pauly-Wissowa RE XXIII (1957) 758–796 s.v. Propertius, Sextus (Rudolf Helm); Schanz-Hosius, GrL 2 (19354) 193206; and see Harrauer and Fedeli-Pinotti, last two items below]


(ρ = preface; i = introduction; t = text; r = translation; a = apparatus criticus; c = commentary or annotations; e = essays or excursuses; n = index of names)

  • Editio princeps, Venice 1472.
  • [For incunabula see Butrica, chapter 9; for editions before 1780 see Enk (ed. Book I i pp. 80f), but here may be briefly noted Scaliger, Paris 1577]
  • Petri Burmanni Secundi (tc): Sex. Aur. Propertii elegiarum libri IV (completed by L. Santen), Utrecht 1780.
  • Karl Lachmann (ptc): Sex. Aur. Propertii Carmina, Leipzig 1816. Contains concordance to Burman’s numeration. ‘The first scientific recension of Propertius’ (Housman).
  • G. A. B. Hertzberg (itce): Sex. Aurelii Propertii elegiarum libri IV (i-iii), Halle 1843–1845.
  • Emil Baehrens (pta): Sex. Propertii elegiarum libri IV, Leipzig 1880. This edition provided the first apparatus
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