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Appian, Roman History, Volume IV

LCL 5: 619

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Pr. denotes the Preface. K. the book Concerning the Kings. It. Italy. Sa. Samnite History. G. Gallic History. Si. Sicily and the Islands. Sp. Wars in Spain. H.Hannibalic War. Pu. Pnnic Wars. Nu. Numidian fragments. Ma. Macedonian fragments. II. Illyrian Wars. Sy. Syrian Wars. Mi. Mithridatic Wars. C. I, C. II, etc., Civil Wars I, II, etc. The Arabic numerals signify sections.

  • Abala (harbour), (perh. Balarus), C. V, 112.
  • Aborigines, K. I, 1.
  • Abrupolis, friend of the Romans, Ma. XI, 2, 6.
  • Abydus, Sy. 23; Mi. 56; C. IV, 82, 87; fortified by Antiochus, Sy. 21; besieged by Livius, 23.
  • Academy, Mi. 30.
  • Acarnania, Ma. XI, 4; Mi. 95; invaded by Antiochus, Sy. 16.
  • Acarnanians, auxiliaries of Caesar at Pharsalus, C. II, 70.
  • Acerrae (in Campania), its senators thrown into wells, Pu. 63; besieged by Papius in the Social War, C. I, 42.
  • Achaeans, abandon Philip and join the Romans, Ma. VII; assist L. Quintius in besieging Corinth, ib.; aid Eumenes, Sy. 26; aid the Romans against Antiochus, 31; revolt to Mithridates, Mi. 29, 69.
  • Achaeans of Scythia, remnant of the Greeks from Troy, Mi. 67, 102; unsuccessfully attacked by Mithridates, 67; send aid to him, 69; afterward resisting him are put to flight, 102; hate the Greeks, ib.; led in triumph by Pompey, 116.
  • Achaeans, harbour of, Sy. 23; Mi. 77; C. V, 137 sq.
  • Achaia, a country of Greece, Mummius triumphs over, Pu. 135.
  • Achaia, a town of Syria, Sy. 57; of Parthia, ib.
  • Achillas, military prefect of Cleopatra’s brother, Ptolemy, C. II, 84,101; killed by Caesar (Appian in error), 90.
  • Achilles, prayer of, It. VIII, 2; his words to Thetis, C. III, 13.
  • Acholla, a town of Africa, Pu. 94.
  • Acilius, a prescript, C. IV, 39.
  • Acilius, L., escapes from Aesernia, C. I, 41.
  • Acilius Glabrio, M., Roman general in Greece against Antiochus, Sy. 17-21.
  • Acilius Glabrio, M., proconsul to Asia, Mi. 90.
  • Actium, C. I, 5, 6; IV, 38, 42, 49, 50, 51.
  • Adana, a town of Cilicia, Mi. 96.
  • Adramytteans (in Asia), acts of cruelty to Roman residents, Mi. 23.
  • Adriatic sea, C. II, 54, 150; town of Scodra midway of, V, 65. Aeacus, ancestor of Alexander, C. II, 151.
  • Aeculanum, a town in Apulia, captured by Sulla, C. I, 51.
  • Aedui attacked by Ariovistus. G.