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Galen A Method of Medicine to Glaucon

business, as if you had not learned these things from Plato long ago. But I did not make mention of this so

Uri: /galen-method_medicine_glaucon/2016/pb_LCL523.341.xml
Dctype: tei-page
author: author.galen
letter: letter.G
library: library.greek
period: period.100to200AD
form: form.prose
subject: subject.medicine
subject: subject.philosophy
: tei-page
: tei-page
ISBN: 9780674997004
editor-and-translator: Ian Johnston
Volume number: 523
Volume title: On the Constitution of the Art of Medicine. The Art of Medicine. A Method of Medicine to Glaucon
Author: Galen
Sort key: method of medicine to glaucon
Book order sort key: 00024
Doi: 10.4159/DLCL.galen-method_medicine_glaucon.2016
Volume edition date: 20160105
Edited and translated by Ian Johnston. LCL 523, Pages 340-341, 1 of 1 matches