Searching the Library


This is the most basic search function. Situated in the top, right-hand corner of every page, the “Search” window allows users to look for any Greek, Latin, or English word(s) across the entire library. You can refine your results by Language, Author, Form, Period, and Genre/Subject with the “Narrow Your Choices” menu. Use this search to cast the widest possible net.


Search within results

Once you have narrowed your results, you can refine even further by using the “Search within results” window located above the “Narrow Your Choices” menu. For instance, you may wish to find all instances of the word “Muses” where “Apollo” also appears. This function also provides an easy way to search across multiple works by a single author using the Author Browse.


Search within work

If you want to restrict your search to a single work, browse to that work and use the “Search within work” window located in the toolbar at the bottom of the page. This function is also useful for finding epigrams in The Greek Anthology by searching for an author's name.


Advanced Search

Use this search to locate highly specific content. Advanced searches may be filtered to find search terms in specific parts of a work, for instance recto (right-hand, English) or verso (left-hand, Greek/Latin) pages, notes, and work titles. They may also be filtered to find search terms in front and back matter, by author, and by editor/translator. Finally, advanced searches may be filtered to find multiple words in different combinations. AND, OR, and NOT in “Advanced Search” respectively find search terms as they occur together, independently of one another, or exclusively of one another in work or volume material.


Search tips

To find hyphenated words or exact phrases, enclose them in quotation marks.

To find part of a word, enter the part you want to find and replace the rest with an asterisk or question marks. A single asterisk replaces any number of characters greater than zero. Each question mark replaces a single character.

Note that words divided by editorial sigla such as brackets are not currently included in search results.