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Harvard University Press respects the privacy of the people who visit the digital Loeb Classical Library and we adhere to the following privacy policy as well as Harvard University's EEA Privacy Disclosures.

Visitor Tracking

Visitors to this website who have Javascript enabled are tracked using Google Analytics. (Google Analytics is subject to the privacy policy of Google, Inc., which you can find on their website.) This data is primarily used to optimize our website for our visitors. This data does not include any personalized identification information such as:

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We do not use cookies to track the activity of anyone on our site.

Email Addresses

Email addresses are never sold, traded, or shared in any way with third parties. If you are a subscriber (which may be you as an individual or an institution to which you are affiliated), including a subscriber on a trial basis, your personal information will be used to enable us to verify that you are a subscriber and to deliver any restricted content on the website to you.

Instances in which we ask for email addresses:

  • When visitors register for access to a free trial.
  • When site subscriptions or purchases are processed.
  • When users create individual accounts through which to access the site’s personalization features. 
  • When visitors use the site’s native email sharing capability.

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