Browsing the Library

The works in the digital Library have been designed for continuous reading, even across multiple volumes. But what if you want to browse from the beginning to the end of a multi-volume work, or from the middle of a work to its introduction, or to consult a map or a table? To do this, simply click on the LCL number located above the right-hand, English (recto) page. This will take you to the Table of Contents, which contains links to the other major divisions within a volume, and to other volumes within a series.

To track down a more specific citation by book, chapter, or line number, use the Go To Section button located above the left-hand, Greek/Latin (verso) pages of any work to open the enhanced navigation pane. Each work in the Library can be navigated by canonical sections appropriate to that work. Line numbers are the first to be noted on any given page. For works with multiple citation systems (e.g., Plato’s Republic), consult the Table of Contents for alternative divisions.

To see all the works by a given author, use the Author Browse. To browse by Language, Author, Form, Period, and Genre/Subject, use the “Narrow Your Choices” menu from the Greek Works Browse or the Latin Works Browse.