News for July, 2018

July 11, 2018

New Loebs (November 2018)

Theogony. Works and Days. Testimonia
The Shield. Catalogue of Women. Other Fragments
Edited and Translated by Glenn W. Most
Theogony. Works and Days. Testimonia The two extant poems of Hesiod (eighth or seventh century BC) are Theogony and Works and Days. Though attributed to him in antiquity, the Catalogue of Women and The Shield were likely not composed by Hesiod himself. Glenn W. Most has thoroughly revised his edition to take account of the textual and interpretive scholarship that has appeared since its initial publication.
Diseases of Women 1–2
Edited and Translated by Paul Potter
Diseases of Women 1–2 This eleventh and final volume in the Loeb Classical Library’s complete edition of Hippocrates contains Diseases of Women 1 and 2, focusing on reproductive life, the pathological conditions affecting the reproductive organs, and their proper terminology and recommended treatments. A lexicon of therapeutic agents is included.