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[Livy], Julius Obsequens A Book of Prodigies after the 505th Year of Rome

Uri: /julius_obsequens-prodigies/1959/work.xml
Dctype: tei-work
author: author.livy.uncertain
letter: letter.[
author: author.julius.obsequens
letter: letter.J
library: library.latin
period: period.100BCto1AD
period: period.1to100AD
form: form.prose
subject: subject.history
: tei-work
Volume number:
Volume title:
Author: [Livy],
Author: Julius Obsequens
Sort key: book of prodigies after the 00505th year of rome
Book order sort key:
Doi: 10.4159/DLCL.julius_obsequens-prodigies.1959
Volume edition date: 19590101