New Loebs (December 2019)

July 23, 2019

Roman History, Volume I
Roman History, Volume II
Roman History, Volume III
Edited and Translated by Brian McGing
Appian, Roman History, Volume I Appian (ca. AD 95–161) is a principal source for the history of the Roman Republic. His theme is the process by which Rome achieved her contemporary prosperity, and his method is to trace in individual books the story of each nation’s wars with Rome up through her own civil wars. This Loeb edition replaces the original (1912–13) by Horace White.
History of Rome, Volume V
Edited and Translated by J. C. Yardley
Introduction by Dexter Hoyos and John Briscoe
History of Rome, Volume V Livy (Titus Livius, 64 or 59 BC–AD 12 or 17), the great Roman historian, presents a vivid narrative of Rome’s rise from the traditional foundation of the city in 753 or 751 BC to 9 BC and illustrates the collective and individual virtues necessary to maintain such greatness. The third decad (21–30) chronicles the Second Punic War of 220–205 BC. This Loeb edition replaces the original (1929) by B. O. Foster.