Recent Loebs (Spring 2014)

July 1, 2014

Confessions, Volume I: Books 1–8
Carolyn J.-B. Hammond
Augustine Confessions I Confessions is a spiritual autobiography of Augustine’s early life, family, associations, and explorations of alternative religious and theological viewpoints as he moved toward his conversion. Cast as a prayer addressed to God, it offers a gripping personal story and a philosophical exploration destined to have broad and lasting impact.
Heroicus. Gymnasticus. Discourses 1 and 2
Jeffrey Rusten, Jason König
Philostratus Philostratus’s writings embody the height of the renaissance of Greek literature in the second century AD. Heroicus is a vineyard conversation about the beauty, continuing powers, and worship of the Homeric heroes. Gymnasticus is the sole surviving ancient treatise on sports, which reshapes conventional ideas about the athletic body.